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Mika, 07.04.2023

Witchcraft Botanicals or how I started loving muy skin again

Using quality face and body cosmetics is not a matter of vanity, but of good health. Maia Mitreva, the creator of Witchcraft Botanicals, is personally convinced of this.

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One of the “9 Best Products for Smooth Skin” according to

Tajmeeli is helping to educate the Arab population about cosmetic surgery and its alternatives. is currently the largest Arabic language website dedicated to the topic of cosmetic surgery with more than 1,000,000 visits per month.


Green Miracle, 04.07.2021

A quick advice: rose water! 5 ways to use for skin and hair

The rose is considered a noble flower and is admired for its beauty and enchanting fragrance. It is a symbol of love and romance and is not only an ideal gift, but also an indispensable part of daily beauty care.


“Nature Volve” magazine, edition 4 12.08.2019

Handmaids creams influenced by science, stay true to nature. Organic chemistry provides the knowledge needed to develop various health products, such as creams, that keep our skin healthy.

From a small laboratory in Bulgaria, Maya Mitreva takes the knowledge she learned in organic chemistry and mixes it with artistic creativity to create a diverse assortment of natural cosmetics for the skin under the name Handmaids. She shares more about the inspiration behind the development of Handmaids and the company’s natural botanical creations.”

Ana Goes Green, 23.08.2017

Brands to follow: Handmaids

“… Handmaids are an example of how if you look at niche, lesser known brands you can find some wonderful products at really good prices. The brand has wonderful ingredients and formulas, a fun approach to themselves and packaging that sets them apart, in what has become a very boring sea of same-looking packaging and brands.”

Galia Simeonova,11.07.2017

Handmaids – The good choice!

“…I use the three products in combination and I can say that my skin is hydrated and very soft to the touch. These wonderful “ointments” do their job perfectly, without, however, containing any artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives, parabens, etc. Just a healthy dose of skincare.’


Ana Goes Green, 07.03.2017

Skin products perfect for cold weather

“… Handmaids, a fabulous little shop I found based in Bulgaria… The sore nose balm… does the job better than anything else I’ve tried so far… absolute winner.”

Healthy Inspiration, 28.03.2017

HANDMAIDS – pure skin food

“It’s really important to nourish our bodies inside and out. That’s the way to a healthy, beautiful and happy ME.”


Formula Botanica, 05.08.2016

“Maia Mitreva launches Handmaids”

“We’re surrounded by amazing formulators and entrepreneurs, all over the world, each with their own inspiring story and passion. Today we’re talking with Maia from Handmaids, based in Bulgaria.”


Momichetata ot grada, 23.10.2015

The natural cosmetics we trusted

Here’s how Momichetata ot grada described us and then told us about the upcoming edition of the Mish Mash fest.


View Sofia, 16.09.2015

The Good Small Business: Natural, Handmade and Personal by Handmaids

“Handmaids started with the idea of something good. They are convinced that the market has a strong need for a good Bulgarian product and they take on the challenge – they start developing formulas for natural skin care – natural, by hand and personal.”


Momichetata ot grada, 02.05.2015

The Bulgarian natural cosmetics Handmaids

I recently discovered and tested a new Bulgarian brand for handmade natural cosmetics. It’s called Handmaids and I think it deserves to be introduced to you.


Capital Light, 12.12.2014

A selection of handmade gifts directly from their creators.